Bigger is NOT Better

I arrived home this afternoon after a fantastic weekend at the Tampa Leather Club’s Leather SIR/boy Contest. I always come back with a feeling of renewal and rebirth. When I come back from HUGE events such as IML or MAL,  I feel a bit underwhelmed and left with a hungry feeling;  like I haven’t had enough to eat.

The reason I feel this way is because at these giant behemoths of leather, you don’t truly get to KNOW anyone. It’s a cruise in passing or running off to here or there. At these smaller events or runs you get to spend time with other men and women in leather who share so much common ground.  There is a chance to actually sit down and not only make small talk but to have a meal, to enjoy the company of others who feel as you do for hours. The guys tend to hang out with you and really talk. You hear a story, you hear a history, you hear a life without sonic booming music or thousands of others which can get VERY distracting every time you move your heard to see who’s who or who’s hot. You end up resembling Linda Blair in the exorcist with your head spinning around in a 360. all that’s missing is  the split pea soup.

My favorite event and runs SO far, are the Trident Knights run in August in Augusta Georgia, The Tradesmen Leather Run in May in Charlotte NC, Mr SECC in February in Augusta Georgia,  and the Tennessee Gryphon’s in July in Greeneville Tn. and now the Tampa Leather Clubs Leather SIR/boy contest.

I am sure there are many others but I haven’t gotten to them …YET

The best part is I can go to ten of these smaller events for the same amount of money that it would take to go to ONE IML or MAL. I prefer the smaller events. The enormity of the others is not what I visualize as the community for me. Its a place to get laid, buy leather off the rack, look at porn stars and hot men with steroid muscles wearing couture leather to accentuate those muscles and spend a ton of money in ONE event  rather than supporting ten venues who could really use my support and meeting GENUINE leathermen that DO come in all shapes, looks and sizes. These are the ones I will choose to continue to go to.

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