30th Birthday whacks (spanking/paddling)

Monday was the Leather wolf dogs 30th birthday. Its been a long standing tradition that the boy, bottom, submissive or whatever other connotation you have,  receive their birthday whacks, spanking, paddling.

I took out a HUGE, THICK oak paddle made specifically for me by Dakota and Kim when I was one of the officiates at their wedding last year in Augusta Georgia for the Trident Knights Annual Leather run. He took one look at it and got a tad nervous thinking about what I was going to do to his rump with that behemoth paddle. I pushed him face down on the corner of the bed to have access to his butt and began counting up from the number 1.  I showed him from MY personal experience how birthday whacks were given. The HUGE misinformation is that you are to leave the submissive almost crippled from beating his ass; or getting it so red that blood would be just under the skin, or in some case, coming out of the skin and dripping down his cheeks.

This paddling is a gift NOT a punishment. The point is that its his birthday. Hes done nothing wrong so unless hes a real pain pig and WELCOMES that AS his gift, the art of giving him his birthday whacks is intended to be pleasurable. The first 5 or 6 are easy with the whacks coming gentle on each cheek and the paddle turned on its side caressing his spine, between his legs, and the crack of his cheeks. The next several gets harder so as to sting, that he jumps a bit without having the need to scream bloody murder. Again the paddle is rubbed on his cheeks as you talk to him and is again turned on its side and massaged down the center of his spine. Next is alternating on each cheek alone, several on both at the same time and the last two being the hardest to signify that life can be tough and he needs to be tough and the one to grow on, in this case number 31 was the most intense whack of them all; signifying that he needs to be strong and ready for the coming year.

Spike got up with a HUGE smile on his face. He dropped to his knees and thanked me and for the rest of the morning he felt the warmth of his gift on his butt and the tingle when he sat down without the intense pain one can have when its NOT done properly.

When doing this you MUST stay AWAY from the backside of his genital sack between the cheeks for that can do tremendous damage if struck hard. You also take into account how muscled, fleshy or thin the cheeks are.  If bone underneath the cheeks is whacked hard enough you can fracture it. What I always tell anyone when doing ANY kind of play; when in doubt, DO NOTHING. Don’t pretend to know something when you don’t. You’ll look a hell of lot worse  if you hurt someone and word gets out that you’re an idiot who plays around doing things you have no business doing and trust me, word WILL get out and you WILL look like an A-Hole.

Wolf Dog, Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the adventures we have had and thank you for those I have yet to experience with you. WOOF WOOF!!

2 thoughts on “30th Birthday whacks (spanking/paddling)

  1. Spike says:

    And thank YOU, Sir. This was one of the best birthday gifts ever, and I am immensely grateful to be your adventuring buddy, your sounding board and most importantly… your friend. Licks and nuzzles and all my love…



  2. Josh, you’re cherry picking too. Jesus said, in his own words, his presence does not abolish the laws of Moses.

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