Talking with Gem, the Jewel Dog

After reconnecting with the three dogs I had a week to remember so many thing I had forgotten.

I had my chance to reconnect specifically with the dogboy who’s name I couldn’t EVER remember. Gem was the Jewel of the pack.  He was different; regal, majestic; sitting upright like the king of the dogs while the other two wrestled and screwed around on the floor. I think as much as SIR enjoyed Tuffe and Ruffe he always had special feelings for Gem, which he why he gave him such a different type of name.

Gem is about 62 now.  His history and evolution into the mandog he now is would be way too long to go into.  Its VERY rich and diversified so he doesn’t just know only one road.  His roads are many. This is where I come from. This is how I learned; not from one road but from the experiences of men who had lived in many places experiencing  many different trains of thought and ways in the leather lifestyle. He has lived in Chicago,  San Francisco, NYC,  to name a few so hes VERY well rounded within that community long gone.  Although I only lived in NYC during my formative years in leather, I have the knowledge and heard the experiences of  those who lived in many places; not only of Gem’s but of the other dogs and the 4 boys who were much more experienced. My mission for the remainder of my time here is to get THAT information out to anyone who wishes to hear it FREE OF CHARGE.

I was on the phone with Gem for about an hour or so and I will be seeing him at some point within the month. I will be talking about the experiences of these men as time goes on. The yenta that I am, I am trying to get the dogs to be in SIRS service again…Wouldn’t THAT be so FREAKIN cool?  Before any of you ask, no they cannot EVER be MY dogs. As much as now that would easily be seen as normal, there was a structure  and protocol then that would prohibit me from EVER doing that. I think that’s the HUGE difference between then and now. Men get collared in hours;  boys can yell at SIRS,  everyone can fuck with everyone and change their minds at the drop of a hat getting whatever it is they need on a whim rather than without ANY thought; and although I may be stuck in that bygone period, I wont forsake the things I learned from men who I adored and still do. I prefer being alone than being a phony to who I am and where I am from. I will give up the lifestyle altogether rather than becoming what I see as leather out there today.

My talk with Gem confirmed that who I am AS I AM is right for me. Gem is such a sweetheart.  I know you are reading this Gem but you know I think the world of you. there isn’t a dog out there that I know who could ever come close to who you were let alone who you are now.  I tip my cap to you. In my book you are the Alpha of all of them. In Admiration of and to you. Sunshine.

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