First Coast Leather Society

This past weekend I went to St Petersburg to attend by invitation the 5th anniversary of the First Coast Leather Society. To say I had a GREAT time would be an understatement. I met some great men, boys and dogboys I had not met before and I reconnected with a man I dated over 20 years ago in Queens NY who now resides  in St Pete.

The reason for this post is twofold. I had the pleasure of meeting a guy named Kris. What moved me was that when I looked at this man I saw my youth. He had gray hair and a big stache. It was a throw back to the leathermen of the 1970’s in his look, demeanor and mannerisms. The men I grew up with IN leather. I noticed he wore his armband on the right meaning he was a submissive and for his age his bare ass looked great in his chaps.  In hearing his story though I realized he was straight and hes married.I spent a lot of time with him because he so much reminded me of the men I knew way back  in the day.

He has had great difficulty within the leather community. Why? Because NO gay male leather group would accept him BECAUSE hes straight. Translated that means, well you are a straight guy so we cant get to have sex with you and if we cant fuck around with you, then you are of no use to us. Was I surprised, with the way the community is now, God no not at all..

This brings me to my second reason. The First Coast accepted him into their membership without hesitation so he is a member of their group because its all about brotherhood not who gets off with who. The meaning of leather has been diluted and perverted far more than anything I could do sexually to a boy. I was so impressed with this that I filled out an application, paid my membership on the spot and I am now affiliated to their group and proud to be a part of them.

THIS is what I learned leather was all about. THIS is the leather community I want to be a part of. THIS is the community that was inclusive of those who wanted to live that chosen lifestyle; not based on the size of your biceps or dick or if you would fuck with them. THIS was the comradery I am accustomed to. THIS was one of the best Leather events I have ever been to in recent times.

In addition I got to see some of the guys from the Tampa Bay Leather Tribe having lunch with several and catching up on things. My next event will be in Augusta Georgia for the Trident Knights Leather run. I am an Associate member of that group for 3 years now and they are also another amazing group of leather men and women. Many of them were in St Pete supporting their SECC (South East Conference of Clubs) brother club. I was the ONLY one from the South Florida area to attend this past weekend. Surprised? Again no.

I am not allowed to talk, to teach or to speak down here. Why? Unless I play ball with those in charge I am not allowed to play. Why? Because they spout out what THEY feel leather is. They talk about the Old Guard when NONE of them who teach it were there. I WAS. I LIVED IT. Do you know the reasons I get as to why I am not part of this? I don’t go to the bars and I don’t wear leather out.  How can he be a leather man when he doesn’t even wear leather out?  I was told this by a dogboy. Hows THAT shit for you? If I don’t wear leather OUT  and I don’t go to bars and hang out WITH THEM, then I am not worthy of teaching and I am not even a leather man. This is the bullshit I am faced with down here. HOWEVER, I DO get to speak I AM accepted by these other groups who look TO me rather than look down AT me. I am actually considered the Patriarch in these leather groups because of my YEARS of experience in the community and I have NO title NO sash NO medallion. When someone is introduced they are directed to come to me first even before the President of these groups OUT OF RESPECT for who I am and my time and energy I have given,  yet down here because I don’t go to the PSEUDO leather bar and wear leather out, I am not even bothered with. I was even told by a leather person that because of something that was PERCEIVED that I did (when I didn’t) that if it wasn’t me I would have been splattered all over Wilton Drive..and this came from a BOY and he told me this in my own house and DISRESPECTED me in my own home by yelling at me.

I am thankful for these groups who accept me and REALIZE that who I am is a dying breed since most of the others have already died either of AIDS, drugs, illnesses or old age. It may be true that the way it was IS the way it was. HOWEVER, the way it IS, ISN’T WORKING. So rather than flounder around not knowing what the fuck you’re doing you search back to a time when IT DID..when families flourished and honor and integrity took precedence over infecting each other, being politically correct and who is fucking who and who won which sash.

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