Give a little bit

Several more months have passed. I closed on the land in Georgia and sold my condo here in Wilton Manors. I am writing for a totally different reason today and I hope the jerk who sent me three vile messages with the WRONG email address reads them. This guy Dave sent me 3 comments today…

1. I am bragging and I am rich and that people like me because of it… I am indeed rich with great guys who indeed like me. When I blog here and I talk about whats going on in my life its NOT meant to brag.. I have worked a long time and very hard to get whatever I have. This ASSHOLE who sent me these comments wasn’t even man enough to post his correct email address. When I tried to respond to him the email was bounced back.

2. He wishes I moved back to NYC because Florida would be rid of me…lets see…I work with the Broward county Health dept in their HIV division of prevention. I have attended all the protest workshops held in Miami when it was found out that the Federal poverty level would be reduced throwing off over 1500 Floridians OFF their medication because they would no longer be eligible. I wonder if this ASSHOLE attended those meetings or if hes HIV positive and if he IS then he should have been there to fight them to NOT arbitrarily change the law so that these people would get thrown off meds and the ADAP list. Hey Jerk you even know what the ADAP list is? In addition I am on the Florida State Health Department gay men HIV work group who advocates prevention for those NOT infected with HIV; to prevent those who already are infected to NOT get re infected with the 39 different strains or to get co infected with other STD’s. I am also one of the volunteer coordinators for the Gay and Lesbian Community Center here in Wilton Manors..Hey Dave, what the fuck do YOU do for the community down here other than send comments that I cant respond to?

3. I am an asshole who only cares about myself and no one else… SEE ITEM 2 ABOVE, JERKOFF!!



3 thoughts on “Give a little bit

  1. I have known and admired you for a very long time, when I lived’in Miami Beach. I know of the hard work you have done for our
    community. You will be missed here in Florida, but not forgotten.
    I hope your move to Georgia brings you success and hapiness.
    May you continue your efforts both in Georgia and Florida, or
    wherever you may be. Ignore the assholes of the world. they are not
    of our universe. Happy landings to you.

    • hotsir says:

      Thank you for that.. It’s appreciated more than you know. I am not moving up to Georgia. The farm will eventually have several buildings on it and it will support a working organic farm and artist commune primarily for the gay and lesbian community but open to all who have a passion for creating; be it through art, photography, or sculpture. That’s as far as I have gotten with this huge project I am just beginning to grapple with. Florida will still have me around and whoever this jerk is truly doesn’t know who I am! Thank you again for your post.

  2. Please understand that guys like that are TROLLS. He is eagerly using “anxiety transfer” to make others feel bad, so that he can somehow, implausibly, feel better.

    I say “implausibly”, because anyone who adheres to the Golden Rule would never imagine doing that to another human being. The two philosophies are at direct odds. Quit giving trolls any credibility at all, and concentrate on the ones who understand, love and approve of the work that you do in the world. We outnumber the others.

    I came up with a phrase: “The Elevator Crew”, back in the early days of my taking on the role of Community Leader. There are people who simply HATE what I do, how I do it, and wish that I would die in a fire. As a People Pleaser by nature, I have a part of me that still wants to win them over…

    NOT GONNA HAPPEN. They have no listening for what I say, or how I say it. So, I just remember that the entire crowd of people who hate on me would fit into a standard-sized elevator. OUTSIDE of that virtual elevator are thousands of people who admire, support and stand by me, and the work that I do.

    I’m doing it for the benefit of all. People who reflexively hate on kind, outwardly-focused people could never imagine our viewpoint. They are just bullies.

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