a short post

Just got back from a month up at my farm in North Georgia near Jasper…attended the SE Leather SIR/boy contest in Atlanta and had a great time….then from there I went to Augusta to the Trident Knights annual leather run. Their 19th year as a club. Last year I was awarded their Associate of the year and this year I am representing them at the Mr South East Conference of Clubs (SECC) Leather title In February. Am very much looking forward to it. In October I was asked to be one of the judges for the Mr Ramrod contest held here in FT Lauderdale. The high point of this past year is that I found my boy..dating him almost a year now and after going through all the BS with so called boys who are NOT boys at all….I found a good one….actually met at a leather event in ST Petersburg Florida last November and he will be moving in with me at some point in the next 6 months. I keep saying I will write more but I need more time in the day. I have been disturbed though by the recent deaths of seemingly healthy guys who are abusing steroids and meth…I also know several who died from abusing just steroids.. I don’t think losing my life so others will accept me because I have big muscles is any less stupid than not using a condom just to have bareback sex is to getting HIV and deal with all that goes with it just to be accepted and be part of “the club”. Guys are dying of steroid abuse, of meth and steroid abuse and they are just as sick as those who get HIV in 2012, and guys are STILL dying with HIV.  Its all about choices…and as I have said..most choices come with consequences..a few with rewards but the majority with consequences. IT all looks good on paper but there’s no substance…

4 thoughts on “a short post

  1. gladiador says:

    Hi Sir I will be using steroids for big muscle, advert me about they please

    • hotsir says:

      slaveboy.if you are going to use steroids PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do them under the care of a doctor so that your blood testosterone is monitored. Too little testosterone is bad but too much can have VERY serious consequences. You should go get a blood test to determine what your levels are without any steroids and a doctor will determine if you even need them. Age is also a factor..if you are over 50 thats also another factor..doctors looks differently at base serum levels so one doctor may see it s normal for your age while another feels you need a supplement but I wouldnt just go taking steroids without being monitored.

  2. hotsir says:

    As I said earlier..go to a doctor and get a blood test to find out what your levels are.

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