I posted this on Facebook after I’ve read some posts on guys falling all over themselves because of posts from other guys, not because they know them but because they’re hot and they wanna get laid. They are bemoaning the fact that they are single and that their lives would be fine if they had someone. THAT inspired me to write the following:
You cannot fix your life by being in a relationship or falling in love. Why? Because if you don’t love who YOU are FIRST, and accept yourself AS YOU ARE, then how the hell can you love anyone else and accept them with THEIR imperfections, when you cannot deal with YOU? Most people are under the delusion that they are perfect 10’s looking for an 11. Two problems; NO ONE is a perfect 10 and there’s no such thing as an 11. Youth fades, bodies grow old. We want to covet something we cannot keep and we FORGET that its the person inside that you fell for not the shell. If you covet the shell you will TOSS IT OUT over time because the shell transforms over time. IF you can travel around the sun one full orbit with the person you want; deal with his moods, sickness, bullshit; the infatuation wears off, THAT’S when LOVE BEGINS and often ends because we have a utopian idea of what love is, when its nothing more than infatuation and therefore doesn’t last because infatuation also fades and leads to REALITY! So MANY guys have destructive patterns and do the same shit OVER AND OVER AND OVER again and instead of backing up and taking a look at the mess they created they jump into the next torrid infatuation. So if you think love is a hot young (or not so young) built inked guy, be he blonde, ginger or dark, hairy or smooth, who you will have porn sex every day, share everything and do everything together, treat him like your trophy because you are so insecure in who YOU are that you have to possess a prize instead of looking within yourself to find your own prize, that YOU are special and worth as much as the buff guy who’s young or middle aged and coveted, you are doomed to fail until you change your understanding of what love ACTUALLY is.

3 thoughts on “LOVE…..

  1. Richard says:

    You can have both
    I met my trophy when he was 17 and I was 34 19 years later we are still as passionate in the bedroom but there is mutual love and respect

  2. wulfginn says:

    true though but you wont find love no matter haw hard you look for it, Love will find you. creep up on you when you least expect it and when it comes it hits hard.

  3. hotsir says:

    That’s exactly how I found my boy…

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