The NEXT Installment

I was blown away by yesterday. I had more view and visitors in one day than ever before. I like that. It means I am getting to the point of things…I wish more would comment on them though…hint. You don’t have to agree with me on anything I write but if you are going to disagree then do so with a differing point of view and not some rant that makes no sense. I welcome and enjoy intelligent comments and discussions.

Do you ever notice (I know I do) when people need you they call you or want your attention then when they have no more use for you for that time, you don’t hear from them? Whats that about? I have people in the leather community who vanish off the face of the earth until they need advice or a favor. Don’t people call each other up just to shoot the shit anymore? I don’t understand THIS facet at all. Is there something wrong with ME, that I enjoy hearing from those I care about without me having to ask for something, or money or time or to volunteer?

I hate that feeling when I will call someone up and I get the distinct impression that I am personally invading their space and annoying them. They don’t say anything but you can sense the “what the hell do YOU want” in their voice. Now here’s the funny part, when they call YOU and you aren’t available or busy, they have the balls to get pissed off and if you don’t return a call within an hour you get a second phone call..You know what I have learned to do?? I make you WAIT 3 or 4 days. If you are going to treat me like that thinking you’re THAT special; you don’t know how special I AM then!!

We need to treat each other with more concern and respect. Don’t make me feel like I am only there for you at YOUR convenience, whether its because you have or had a title, are hot, or accomplished or young or what have you. If you treat me with disregard then don’t expect a quick  call back when YOU decide to need me for something in YOUR life. That’s bullshit. IF you don’t know how to give respect in order to earn it back, then you will have very little dealings with me on ANY level. I will give my time and service to those who understand that a relationship is a two way street, not just at YOUR need or convenience.

One thought on “The NEXT Installment

  1. boy sparkles says:

    Our views are very different on this, Sir. i credit this to you being a Daddy and me being a boy. When i am called, i am waiting, expectant, hopeful that the Sir, Daddy, Master, Brother, Sister, etc. is calling me to ask for my assistance with something. When They call me to just talk to me, i am grateful that They thought about me and wanted to include me in their day. i will not give money, as i have none to give. i will not help if it in any way imposes upon my Popi and His desires. However, if i can help anybody in any way that i am able (taking into consideration my psychological constraints, a discussion for another time and place) then i will help them over and over. i will admit that i am rewarded for my efforts and i relish the reward i receive… to hear O/others say, “sparkles is a good boy.” i will go running to Popi and tell Him that this P/person or that P/person said “sparkles is a good boy.” or “I wish I had a boy sparkles.” i enjoy these treats much in the same way a child enjoys the special dessert grandma only makes on special occasions. i am rambling now, so i will stop. Hugs and Love, Sir.

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