I got that from my father. I dream and have always dreamed. Sometimes in life thats all I had. I have been very busy the past months creating a new version of an award for the Leather Community. I did NOT invent the name but I revamped and changed the entire structure of the award. Its called the Leathertarian Award. It was first born in 2006 in Florida but I NEVER liked the way it was given; and it was only given out in 2006 and 2007. Two people decided on who received it with no input from anyone else. AS much as the two who won a piece of print paper certificate deserved the award, it didn’t seem to really hit the core of what the name of the award stood for. Humanitarian/leathertarian..sounds similar but I was thinking about how many deserving souls were out there and because two people cannot decide who should or shouldn’t receive an award this important and a piece of print paper with some colors on it and someones name didn’t seem to be at all appropriate or enough for community work. Fast forward to 2013. I finally decided to get off my ass and DO something. I created a logo, bought a domain name and had the name trademarked with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) in Washington DC. I footed the entire bill for this award so it can NEVER be used other than for this award. I looked across the country for a panel consisting of 6 individuals in the community who are distinguished and well known; one of whom won the original award back in 2007. THEY will be deciding who is chosen. I am not in the process. Right now the Award is exclusive to those living in the USA. We may decide to expand next year to Canada but we want to work out any issues that may arise since this is the VERY FIRST year. Cash awards of 500 dollars for male, 500 for female and 1000 dollars for the Leathertarian Lifetime Award. There are no fundraisers because I am supplying the cash awards so there will NEVER be and issue of mismanagement, misappropriations or downright stealing. For complete information please go to the website for the details,  www.theleathertarianaward.com

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