To have a fair representation, here are the Boys Bill of Rights. This was NOT written by me but years ago. I do NOT know who composed this!


The boys’ Bill of Rights:

1. Every boy has the right to have his body, intellect, and emotions protected by his Dom.

2. Every boy has the right to choose the man whom he serves and to discontinue that service and take his leave without being subjected to physical, mental, or emotional abuse.

3. Every boy has the right to be cared for, disciplined appropriately, and allowed to feel pride in his submission.

4. Every boy has the right to protected sex if he so wishes.

5. Every boy has the right to privacy if he so wishes. No boy can be blackmailed, publicly humiliated, or physically coerced into service without his expressed desire to be so.

6. Every boy has the right to defend himself from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

7. Every boy has the right to consent or not to consent to sexual activities.

8. Every boy has the right to seek refuge, counsel, and advice from other subs and Doms without the expectation of sex, money, or any other service in return.

9. Every boy has the right to a physically and emotionally available circle of friends.

10. Every boy has the right to protect his own possessions and finances against intercession, theft, and non-consensual acquisition.

3 thoughts on “BOYS BILL OF RIGHTS

  1. Richard says:

    These bill of rights for subs boys and Cubs are. Way too lienient
    The whole life is to devote himself to a total dominant superior being
    If his master forbids. Mixing with other men so be it
    If his master demands sexual activities. So be it
    As for unprotected sex. If the boy is loyal he should not be concerned
    Finance and possessions are totally the masters. Decision

    Where did this pussy behavior cone from
    Let’s not forget disobedience. Results in strong discipline given by his master and as severe as he deems fit
    A boy surrenders his mind body and soul when he becomes his masters possession

  2. VelvetHammer says:

    LaboursLost on recon it wrote it about 18 years ago.

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