I have seen so many postings of the Boys Bill of Rights so I decided that SIRS should have their own set of guidelines as the boys do. I have created this to help protect those who are new to this or may not have the knowledge yet of how to navigate their way through the community. This is a guideline I created this early morning, Monday Nov. 28, 2016.


1. Every Sir has the right to have his body, intellect and emotions protected by his boy.

2. Every Sir has the right to choose who he wants to serve him and not made to feel guilty because he doesn’t have the same feelings as the boy.

3. Every Sir has a right to be cared for and told, when appropriate, that he’s done something wrong in a manner appropriate of a boy and not be inappropriately yelled and screamed at.

4. Every Sir has the right to engage in protected sex if he so chooses and not be cajoled into something that he is not at ease with by any boy.

5. Every Sir has the right to privacy and discreetness and not feel his job or any other aspect of his life is in danger of being outed by a boy who becomes vindictive when the relationship goes sour.

6. Every Sir has the right to defend himself in any way needed from an abusive boy.

7. Every Sir has the right to decline sexual service from a boy he does NOT have those feelings for.

8. Every Sir has the right to ask for help or training from his peers when there is something he does not know and not have the boy exploit his lack of knowledge on a topic to others.

9. Every Sir has the right to any circle of friends he chooses and can feel free to be any way he chooses without concern of ridicule from ANY boy.

10. Every Sir has the right to NOT share his possessions with the boy nor feel he has to be the boys Sugar Daddy and have his money or possessions threatened by boys who are looking to or feel entitled to take.

11. Every Sir has the right not to allow the boy to do drugs, or get drunk and can at his discretion terminate his relationship with a boy who does not comply.

12. Every Sir has the right to stay away from boys who do nothing other than cause trouble.

One thought on “SIRS BILL OF RIGHTS

  1. G says:

    Does a slave have any rights?

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