Recorded in fall of 2007, Daddy Jim talked about his formative years, life in leather, grappling with the onset of HIV/AIDS and his controversial views on today’s leather community.  Interviewer is Joshua Johnson, a leatherpup who Daddy Jim named spike in May 2006.

Read the complete transcript online at Scribd

1 – growing up in Brooklyn; duration 7:01

2 – early sexuality, duration 10:43

3 – coming out, duration 9:31

4 – meeting Sir, duration 13:34

5 – joining Sir’s family, duration 14;21

6 – breaking away, moving on; duration 13:09

7 – the onset of AIDS, duration 11:37

8 – the first boy, duration 5:53

9 – Daddy moves to Florida, duration 11:04

10 – views on the leather community, duration 6:38

11 – life today (2007), duration 6:36

12 – parting thoughts, duration 16:54

4 thoughts on “MY LEATHER HISTORY

  1. peter quesnel says:

    Hey Jim, just a quick note to let you know I’ve begun my research.
    Hope you’re having a great day…

  2. Deaf Billy Boy says:

    When I was Born in Manhatthan,NYC and Growing up in Wayne,NJ My family were Moved to florida when i was 18 years old. then Moved to Atlanta,GA for two years then Moved to California since for 10 years now… I started became Gay at 6 age also early sexuality around 11 between 13 Years old. when i started became leather boy at 22 age first time. but i still learning more some deeply about leather of the cultures.

  3. Dicky badboy says:

    Hey Jim,

    May i take this opportunity to say i beleave you are so right on the many points you make, i have enjoyed listening to your life story & sure hope oneday we meet up.



  4. Jewels says:

    I have zero connection to any leather community or even anything close but I found this interview to be entirely fascinating!! I swear if this interview were on YouTube it would be very popular because it’s RARE to hear people be so honest. This was so interesting, I wish there was more!!

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