Some thoughts for today.

I am mulling over an idea I have about posting videos on Leather topics on you tube. There seems to be so much miscommunications, misinformation by those who know nothing about leather, about the community and who they claim to be and end up doing a great deal of damage to those who are genuine in their search and journey. I dont feel that you need to spend money going to classes when that information was ALWAYS passed down for FREE from leatherman to leatherman. To be charged hundreds of bucks for information that you can get for free if the right men would come forward and offer it doesn’t seem right at all. With all the technology we have, we don’t have those who should be stepping up to the plate and offer it to those who wish knowledge. I am also thinking about offering roundtable discussions to guys who are interested..again totally free ….. I hear too many stories of men who use the chat sites to get unsuspecting and trusting guys into their web of BS and end up causing emotional mental and physical pain and damage…THIS HAS TO STOP. In the days before smartphones, cell phones chat sites and the internet, everyone watched out for everyone and if you weren’t known in the community, no one would go home with you until others got to know you….We need to return to that….NOW! In the meantime you can always access me at or

Yours in Leather brotherhood,

Daddy Jim