Talkin’ bout my Generation

For those who don’t know, That’s a song by Roger Daltry of the WHO. I’m going to talk about a HUGE pet peeve of mine..the younger leathermen who snicker, poke fun and make NASTY comments to those of the older guys who came before them. I want to start out by saying that if it weren’t for the older guys you make fun of, you jackasses wouldn’t have the freedom you do to act like a bunch of young spoiled bastards. There, now that I got that of my chest I will go into more specifics.

I  have been to MANY events and I specifically find this nasty catty talk at the bigger events. The smaller events have a down home feel and the older guys are looked up to by the younger guys for their experience and wisdom. The larger events which draw the young hot twinks who wear leather couture ONCE a year are the nastiest pieces of shit I have ever encountered. Another reason why I don’t attend big events.

All these young guys in their leather, looking hot, with no gray hair or wrinkles who are stared at, desired and everyone is falling all over themselves to get AT them. They get away with calling themselves boy, SIR, MASTER of the Universe, Lord Prince Dom or whatever the hell they choose to call themselves. There was a 22 year old MASTER DADDY who got away with it because he was jacked up on steroids and the leather looked good on him. Reality check fellas. They don’t know their ASS from their ELBOW and they don’t know what to do with either! The wrapping may look good on the outside but when you open the package its EMPTY…or better yet its full of shit like they are.

Is EVERY single young guy in leather like that? OF COURSE NOT. There’s always exceptions. HOWEVER they ARE the exceptions. The young ones will pass up the guy with gray hair to go screw around with some other young thang who offers NOTHING but his youth. That’s pathetic. When they finally decide to try out someone past 40, they all seem so amazed on what they learned..Well MAY BE if you weren’t such a narrow minded jackass, you wouldn’t have wasted your time getting off with someone who knows little to nothing and getting nothing more than losing some protein.

Then lets go to Facebook. That’s another trip and a half. There are guys on those pages with decades of experience and yes they aren’t nearly as hot as the young ones..GUESS who gets all the attention? JUST GUESS? I know a guy who I will call Billy. (not his real name). Hes in the leather community and in his 20’s. He gets 50 to 60 friend requests PER DAY AND they call him SIR or Daddy and has over 3000 followers. Yes that’s right, THREE THOUSAND. Do you know how many the older guys have? 2 to 3 hundred.  WTF? The guys who have EARNED that title and could REALLY be of service and assistance don’t even get a notice. This runs across the gamete of ALL ages. They will agree with ANYTHING he says or does and I mean ANYTHING. WHY? He’s young and hot..and REALLY knows nothing. He loves the attention and goes with it. I’m not even going to go into whats wrong with this entire thing. It should be obvious and if its not then its not worth my time explaining it. They don’t even ASK the older guys for information or mentoring. They go after the young ones because they think they will get a piece of ass out of the deal so they will say whatever they need to…WHATEVER THEY NEED TO.

I have on NUMEROUS occasions, overheard these arrogant kids criticize and make fun of older leather men, some of them my family and if you know me, you KNOW that you DON’T mess with my family!!!!  I will turn to them and tell them that yes hes older but what makes you think he would even bother with you? Because you’re young and you think you’re so hot in your leather costume? I then tell them that many older leathermen don’t do children because guys like you have NOT a FU$KING thing to offer them.

In thinking about this, another BIG chain link that’s broken. There is no respect for history and for those that forged a path..

Some thoughts for today.

I am mulling over an idea I have about posting videos on Leather topics on you tube. There seems to be so much miscommunications, misinformation by those who know nothing about leather, about the community and who they claim to be and end up doing a great deal of damage to those who are genuine in their search and journey. I dont feel that you need to spend money going to classes when that information was ALWAYS passed down for FREE from leatherman to leatherman. To be charged hundreds of bucks for information that you can get for free if the right men would come forward and offer it doesn’t seem right at all. With all the technology we have, we don’t have those who should be stepping up to the plate and offer it to those who wish knowledge. I am also thinking about offering roundtable discussions to guys who are interested..again totally free ….. I hear too many stories of men who use the chat sites to get unsuspecting and trusting guys into their web of BS and end up causing emotional mental and physical pain and damage…THIS HAS TO STOP. In the days before smartphones, cell phones chat sites and the internet, everyone watched out for everyone and if you weren’t known in the community, no one would go home with you until others got to know you….We need to return to that….NOW! In the meantime you can always access me at or

Yours in Leather brotherhood,

Daddy Jim