Of Dogs and Wolves

First off I want to thank a very special dog I met this week. You know who you are out there. This is for you.. GRRRRRRWOOOOF!!! I look forward to the time before us together. I am very proud to have met you and you spark something deep in me from many years past like no other has.

I have come to the understanding of the wolf-pack and dog mentality over the years.  First as a young guy who was exposed to this when I was with SIR and, as I got older, to become a handler of them. Yes folks, these are indeed humans; mostly men, who identify as pups, dogs and wolves. I myself as a younger man was in a leather family with 3 dogs (men who identify as dogs) They were big muscular and protective and lived with us some of the time in a pack of three. When we went out, they would remain on the outside of us; one in front one in the middle and one in the back, making sure we are all “corralled”,  like sheep being herded together by the Sheepdogs.

I never understood how a guy can simply dissolve into the head-space of a pup, dog or wolf, but trust me it happens. If you could see Spike just melt into that you would not necessarily understand it but you can see it happening right before your eyes. We once did a demonstration at Florida Fetish Weekend where I put Spike into head-space within 30 seconds. Hopefully we can do another soon. Having never been a dog myself I don’t understand it sometimes but then again I don’t have to, its not who I identify as.

Wild dogs and wolves both have the pack mentality. They like to have others of their kind to play with; not that the handler is not important but they are not AS Important as others of their own kind to bond to and play with. There are those dogs, pups and wolves who do only enjoy the one on one contact with their handler only but I truly think (and this is MY PERSONAL OPINION) that the reason they only bond to their handler is because they have no access to other dogs pups or wolves. I have YET to find one in this genre of submissive men who doesn’t enjoy the play with another of his own ilk.

I part company with Old Guard in this area because an Old Guard Dog Handler would NEVER get on the floor with his dog; well at least not that I have ever seen. ME on the other hand, I WILL get on the floor and play with the pup, dog or wolf; growl, bark, nuzzle, bite, nibble, lick; even though I am NOT going into head-space. I have been known to get on the floor in a puppy mosh pit at MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather) and have all the dogs and variations thereof all over me and the fact that a handler would get into the pit with them raised many an eyebrow,  mean comments, rude remarks but although I am no longer a boy I always thought that what the hell; I am going to have a good time with the dogs AND I DID!

Its nice to see that they are still around but not nearly in the numbers that I remember. Sad thing is that I am willing to help out any handler who has a dog or a pup but no one takes me up on my offer. So many prefer floundering around not knowing what they are doing rather than ask someone who’s more experienced for a little assistance.  I would love to help anyone out there who’s interested in this area. Either an upcoming dog or someone who wishes to know more about being a handler. This is one of the BIGGEST differences in the way things are now compared to the way things were. Back then when you didn’t know something you asked for help, to be taught, to be given assistance and it was a fun way to learn..you got to play AND learn all at the SAME time. Now, forget it.  For reasons I don’t understand at all, guys wont ask for help on any level. I can guess at why but what would be the point to speculate?  I will STILL ask when I don’t know or understand something rather than look like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. You learn it, taste it, experience it, then move on. That’s a big reason why the leather community is so fractured. This is why the culture is DYING. Not because there aren’t sources to draw from, not because it doesn’t exist anymore, but because the several in charge don’t want that. Their voice will be the ONLY voices heard, the ONLY opinions spoken, the ONLY way it’s done. If they don’t know it then its of no value OR they wing it and pretend they know what they’re doing WHEN THEY DON’T!!!  I honestly believe that’s why there aren’t more dogs pups and wolves. You have concentrations of it in certain parts of the country but in other areas is its virtually non existent or hidden.  You can draw on those sources from other areas but hey if I have no interest in it and I am in charge then I wont let this be discussed because I have no agenda for it. My way or no way. I have seen this in various venues all over the community.  Everyone has a voice. YOU ALL out there have a voice in this. Learn to USE the power you have regardless of who you are or what your chosen fetish may be or who you identify as. You DO matter. Howl, bark and come out. If you are a force they will have to reckon with you. Go find a handler, other dogs, a place to have as YOURS, a place to play. You are NOT the only one out there. Heel boy, heel.

Bigger is NOT Better

I arrived home this afternoon after a fantastic weekend at the Tampa Leather Club’s Leather SIR/boy Contest. I always come back with a feeling of renewal and rebirth. When I come back from HUGE events such as IML or MAL,  I feel a bit underwhelmed and left with a hungry feeling;  like I haven’t had enough to eat.

The reason I feel this way is because at these giant behemoths of leather, you don’t truly get to KNOW anyone. It’s a cruise in passing or running off to here or there. At these smaller events or runs you get to spend time with other men and women in leather who share so much common ground.  There is a chance to actually sit down and not only make small talk but to have a meal, to enjoy the company of others who feel as you do for hours. The guys tend to hang out with you and really talk. You hear a story, you hear a history, you hear a life without sonic booming music or thousands of others which can get VERY distracting every time you move your heard to see who’s who or who’s hot. You end up resembling Linda Blair in the exorcist with your head spinning around in a 360. all that’s missing is  the split pea soup.

My favorite event and runs SO far, are the Trident Knights run in August in Augusta Georgia, The Tradesmen Leather Run in May in Charlotte NC, Mr SECC in February in Augusta Georgia,  and the Tennessee Gryphon’s in July in Greeneville Tn. and now the Tampa Leather Clubs Leather SIR/boy contest.

I am sure there are many others but I haven’t gotten to them …YET

The best part is I can go to ten of these smaller events for the same amount of money that it would take to go to ONE IML or MAL. I prefer the smaller events. The enormity of the others is not what I visualize as the community for me. Its a place to get laid, buy leather off the rack, look at porn stars and hot men with steroid muscles wearing couture leather to accentuate those muscles and spend a ton of money in ONE event  rather than supporting ten venues who could really use my support and meeting GENUINE leathermen that DO come in all shapes, looks and sizes. These are the ones I will choose to continue to go to.