40th Anniversary: COMING UP!

Perception. MY 40th YEAR in leather is coming up in just a few short months. To the best of my recollection it was sometime right after gay pride/July 4th? I don’t recall the EXACT day I met SIR. That journey at the age of 20 saw huge change and risk. I had 4 other boys to contend with, (I was the youngest) a slave (whatever the hell that was) and 3 dog boys (3 big German guys who were on all 4s and naked much of the time which scared the living shit out of me) What the hell was a dog boy? A manimal? HUH? I didn’t know what any of it meant. Over the following TEN YEARS I learned..BOY DID I LEARN. I experienced a lot of shit, growing pains and trying to at least make the unfamiliar familiar. For the first 2 years I didn’t understand a lot of it. I knew however there was love..THAT I knew.
Now my Observation. I often wonder why people don’t come ask me for help or advice. They will PAY for classes from those with less than HALF the time I have put in. INFORMATION was always given FREELY. NOT to make a profit from! THATS BULLSHIT! They will talk about their issues TO ME; HOWEVER, if you don’t ask me for advice or assistance I am not going to offer it because you can always tell me to mind my own business and THATS not happening. ITs ok if you don’t want my help, opinion, advice or what have you; BUT then you have no right to come to me and wonder why I didn’t butt in and then tell me that in no uncertain terms. You either suck it up and ASK ME or SHUT the hell up and DO NOT bitch to me as to WHY I didn’t say anything..WHY? YOU DIDNT ASK ME!!!!!!! One more thing, if you ask you’re going to get my truthful opinion or advice. Im not looking to win a popularity contest or a sash by blowing smoke up your ass or giving you lip service yes-ing you to death just to get you to like me. I’m not Sally Field. Not Happening.

4 thoughts on “40th Anniversary: COMING UP!

  1. Richard says:

    Hi. Congrats on your 40th
    Very impressive
    I have a question
    When u were 20 and joined theifestyle. Where did sir let u sleep
    I ask as I’m receiving my new boy on may31. He graduates then and is moving in with me
    As he is new and I’m not sure about how he’s going to behave. I don’t know whether I should let him sleep in my bed. On my floor or keep
    Him in a small bedroom downstairs
    It’s all about how you start the slave master relationship
    And I want him to be obiedient right away
    Advice please?

    • hotsir says:

      I can only speak for my experiences. I was always allowed to sleep in bed with SIR and the other boys. I was not a slave and his slave NEVER EVER slept in bed with him..he either slept on the floor or on the pull out sofa bed. Your terminology confuses me a bit. You mention that you are “receiving your new boy on May 31.” You then in the following paragraph state that “its all about how you start the slave master relationship.” That confuses me because a boy and a slave are NOT the same.

  2. hotsir says:

    I totally understand what you are saying. However I was taught that information about the lifestyle is given freely. I have no use for anyone who charges a price to help out someone starting or who is curious. Theres too much of people charging for classes and registration for things that the majority of them don’t even know what THEY are supposed to be teaching. What do they do? They get others to VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME to hold classes while THEY CHARGE a fee since they are the producers. That to me is outright stealing from the community. I understand that the world has changed since I was a boy so long ago but it goes against everything that I am; to charge someone a fee or hold a class and charge money for things that were freely given to me.

    • jeepbottom says:

      I agree with you on this but I’ve found that in advertising it doesn’t produce results. The “payment” can be ‘in kind’ which I assume you did. That’s what service is, payment in kind willingly given and gratefully received. It needn’t be money but the monetary value will add response. It’s totally weird but then again this is the planet earth 😉

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